The Project

Today, UC San Francisco is at the forefront of patient care, discovery in biomedical research, and education. But in each of these domains, UCSF faces unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities for groundbreaking local, national, and global leadership. UCSF needs foresight and insight generated through innovative tools and provocative future scenarios, combined with expert and group facilitation to map the bold new ideas that will make UCSF a leader in the next decade and beyond.

The goal of the UCSF 2.0 Initiative is to engage the broad UCSF community in generating ideas that transcend current strategic plans to:

  • Tap the wisdom of the broad network at UCSF—including internal and external constituents—using a cutting-edge game platform.
  • Engage key stakeholders—including both senior and junior leaders—in a series of facilitated discussions to identify, define, and develop winning ideas for the university to pursue.
  • Co-create a bold visualization of these ideas that can be used to drive vision and action.

Phase 1—Game of Ideas UCSF2025

The first phase of the project is a broad call to action. UCSF will launch a 36-hour event to uncover thousands of new ideas that can reinvent the very concept of a health sciences university. This event will take place in classrooms, department offices, and even public lounges across the university. The event itself is a cutting-edge game-like platform called Foresight Engine, developed and facilitated by Institute for the Future. It’s designed to spark new ideas and inspire collaboration among hundreds of people.

Expect a tone of urgent optimism as participants share rapid-fire micro-contributions—140 characters or less—to build long chains of visions and strategies. Game moderators will highlight the boldest ideas to push beyond the obvious.

The Chancellor's Challenge

In her TEDMED talk in May 2013, Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann said: “We have unprecedented ways of connecting big data and sciences to where our patients are. Could we make a Google map for health—a more flexible dynamic system” for health innovation and health care delivery?

What if you could build a new map of human health around the world—to track everything from the smallest molecules to global indicators of the wellbeing of billions? What if there was a Google map for health, and everywhere you clicked on it, you found a UCSF innovation? This is the call to action for faculty and students, researchers and care providers, alumni and stakeholders from the broader community: to imagine a new map of human health and the leading role that UCSF will play in building that map around the world.

The Outcome

The UCSF2025 game is the first step in reinventing UCSF’s leadership role in the next decade. It will produce volumes of ideas that will help shape all the visions and strategies to follow. In addition, it will:

  • Take the pulse of the community by surfacing themes that matter
  • Identify new voices of leadership and outlier insights
  • Build a new literacy in thinking about the future of the university

While the UCSF2025 game is the first step, it’s not the only step. Follow-on workshops and collaborative mapping exercises will build on what we start with the game.

You can create your player now to play UCSF2025 and map the future of UCSF. Join us September 11th–12th to make your future at UCSF and to map UCSF’s place in the world of 2025.

More questions?

Send an email to: ucsf2025@ucsf.edu

Every idea counts. We hope you will join us.